General Chartering Discussion

Here is a place for you to talk about your charter experience, ask questions about specific boats and locations, and connect with other sailors to charter together.

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General Sailing Discussion

This category is for everyone to talk about everything sailing. TransPac, America's Cup, the newest models of boats, sailing news, etc. (it just must be sailing-related).

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Most recent: can I sell a Genoa sail here? Started 2 days ago by Tim S MR8028

Sailing School Discussion

This is where everyone can talk about the courses and classes that Marina Sailing offers, from beginning sailing with our Complete Sailing Course, to docking, big boat, navigation, and more, up to advanced courses.

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Most recent: ASA 104 & 114: Bareboat Chartering and Catamaran Course Started 03 August 2018 by MR7344