Hi Folks!

I'm Haley. I'm taking my ASA 101 and ASA 103 courses this summer. (Looking ahead to 101 lesson #3.) I'm often away weekends but would love to keep my lessons going. I need one other student to fill a lesson. The teachers are accustomed to scheduling Wednesdays, but Lisa says any day she can wrangle an instructor we could do a lesson. If you're in the 101 or 103 course and available weekdays, do let me know your contact info so we can set something up! Very likely it'd just be the two of us and an instructor, so more personal instruction time than the weekends also. Crew-wise, I'm good company, am accustomed to sailing/boats, and own my own boat for future practice outings! Do leave me with your contact info if you're interested and we'll try to set something up!