ASA 104 & 114: Bareboat Chartering and Catamaran Course

  • Last Post 21 March 2021
MR7344 posted this 03 August 2018

Elevate your skills to an advanced cruising standard that combines ASA 104 Bareboat Chartering and the ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran Certification.

This course enables students to skipper multihull sailboats.

Two-day courses meet at 7pm on the first day and end at 5pm the last day, $645.

Three-day courses start at 9am on the first day and end at 5pm on the last day, $745.

Prerequisites are ASA 101 and 103.


Channel Islands: September 28-30 (3-day)

Marina del Rey: September 4-6 (2-day)

Long Beach: August 24-26 (2-day); September 28-30 (3-day)

RB3252 posted this 21 March 2021

How many members per trip?  Any way to have a private class with just 2 members?