Is Anyone There?

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Ben Cahan posted this 09 January 2020

Just checking, does anyone at all even look at this message board?  Reply if you even have viewed this message, just so we can sort out who is here, or if the board is effectively a dead space.

Ben Cahan

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Gordy posted this 09 January 2020

I am here, check it frequently. Unfortunately, I live up in Redding, otherwise I would be sailing all the fact, I am about to buy a small sailboat on Whiskey-town lake just so I can go sail in the long evenings. 

Life may not be the party you hoped for, but while you're here, you may as well dance !!!

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  • Michaela Rohdin - Office Manager MDR
Ben Cahan posted this 11 January 2020

Thanks, Gordy, at least there is one person looking at the Message Board.

RB1656 posted this 09 August 2020

...... and 7 months later another....

NB3664 posted this 03 September 2020

Surprise!  Late to the game, but I am interested in following the message boards.

Tim S MR8028 posted this 08 June 2021


Ben Cahan

just joined and will be taking the ultimate course in July 2021.  

RB3270 posted this 09 August 2021

I am new to Marina Sailing, and I've been reading the message boards.  Doesn't look like there's too much going on in the discussions, but I'm still reading through it.  Maybe the pandemic knocked alot of people out of sailing for a while.

LB4543 posted this 12 August 2021

I'm new too as of July 2021 and trying to see how to get started in the group.  I've emailed the MDR group with hopes of a response about a course that they have starting August 27. I'm trying to see if paying for members is worth it. Any newbees getting value out of being part of the group? I was hoping to sign up for the complete or ultimate course but haven't figure out a way to see if it's being offered. I got a response from the Channel Island marina but not the Long Beach one yet from a couple of weeks ago and emailed MDR today. If you've heard anything please post. Thank you in advance. - roberta

Update 8/13/2021 and realized that calling the office is the fastest way to get a hold of people. Got someone after the first ring which is reassuring.

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RB3270 posted this 18 August 2021

I think the MDR office is the most responsive, the other offices may be smaller with fewer staff.