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Doug MDR posted this 14 January 2023

Have you taken one out one of the new boats in our fleet? Well this would be a good place to let other members know how your experience went, and any pointers on taking out new or even our older vessels.

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RichMaru posted this 15 January 2023

In particular, I'd like to know how people like Habibti. I'm not wealthy, and so I share my costs, and Habibti seems to be one of the best deals on a per person basis.

Is it easy to handle? Any unexpected issues? Good sailing performance?



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Eric R posted this 15 January 2023

I had a lesson that used it summer 2022. It seemed sort of like the student driver boat. Rough around the edges for a Catalina weekend, but it sailed just fine.


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RichMaru posted this 15 January 2023

Thanks, Eric. Not sure what "rough around the edges" means, but a Catalina weekend is what I had in mind. Someday.

Tim-LB posted this 15 January 2023

Hi Rich,

You are on point with Habibti (which means beloved in Arabic). She handles well and is one of the most popular vessels in the fleet. She is always chosen by skippers in the Marina Cup and the Mosier Cup racing series. Easy to hand, quick, and lots of fun, a great vessel. 

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maxmoe posted this 20 January 2023

Hello, The new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 „Edersail“ (2023 model) is basically complete now and available for charter in San Diego. We took her out a few times over the holidays and it is just a fun fast boat. I hope you will enjoy. Looking forward to feedback.

Everything is brand new. Boat has performance sails.

If you are wondering what the name means, the is a larger lake by the name of Edersee in Germany. Eder + Sailing = Edersail

Marina Sailing San Diego posted this 27 January 2023

Oops.  Didn't see that we had a definition from an expert on the basis of the name of the new boat in the San Diego fleet!

MR7705 posted this 03 February 2023

Use to take Habibti out a lot until my family outgrew it (we're a family of six with all four kids presently teenagers). Habibti was a great boat to daysail or to cruise to the Isthmus with. Only problems we ever incurred were with the in mast furling system hanging up. That was more of a maintenance issue. We have since learned to furl out all in mast furlings on any boat we charter before leaving the dock to make sure they are not bound. If I've learned anything from chartering it's that I will never own a boat with an in mast furling system lol! But back to Habibti, she's a fine boat that's easy to sail and comfortable to stay aboard. I don't know if they still advertise it with a TV or not, but that never worked in all the times we took it out. So unless they fixed it since, don't plan on watching any movies while at the mooring

RichMaru posted this 04 February 2023

Thanks, MR7705,

I actually got to sail on Habibti this past weekend, on a daysail. It was a great day, with good wind. We reefed both sails, which turned out to be a good decision, in fact we were still a little overpowered. But coming back from Cabrillo was fun! I got a workout manning the mainsheet during many jibes. Also, I never realized how hard it can be to reef the roller furling jib when there's even a litte wind in it!

Didn't get a chance to check out the TV. LOL!


Doug MDR posted this 04 February 2023

A boat open house will be held on February 11th from 1-4pm showcasing the new Leopard 45 in . Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the boat and learn more about its features and specifications. The open house is a great opportunity for anyone interested in chartering or members that just want to take a look at a beautiful new boat. We will provide appetizers and feel free to BYOB. Join the fun and see what Marina Sailing has to offer! RSVP to lb@marinasailing.com or (562) 432-4672 before Feb 9th.