Long Beach 40ft Boat on Breakwall (2/4/2024)

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LB4697 posted this 3 weeks ago

Does anyone have any info on the 40ft boat that ended up on the Long Beach breakwall with a broken mast in the storm?   All 19 got off ok.  I couldn't tell from the media reports where it came from or the name of the craft.  Hopefully not one of ours.  

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Luke posted this 2 weeks ago

This is the first I have heard of this incident, please keep us updated.

Richard K NB4110 posted this 5 days ago

19 people rescued from sailboat damaged near Long Beach breakwater, LBFD says
Long Beach Post

by Caitlin Antonios
Feb 4, 2024
Updated Feb 5, 2024

Officials said 19 people aboard a sailboat had to be rescued by a Good Samaritan and the Long Beach Fire Department near the breakwater Sunday.

The LBFD received a distress call about the 40-foot sailboat around 3 p.m., right around the time winds and rain were starting to hit the area during a much-anticipated massive storm.

It appears the wind had broken off the boat’s mast and it was drifting into the breakwater’s rocks, LBFD spokesman Brian Fisk said.

Two LBFD lifeguard rescue boats responded and found 11 people who’d climbed onto the rocks. A nearby vessel picked up the additional eight passengers. One passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Fisk said.

Rescuers managed to pull all 19 passengers to safety despite the rain and wind brought on by the storm.

“The rescue effort was hampered by the inclement weather,” Fisk said.


Raymond posted this 4 days ago

Wow, 19 people, was this illegal migrants or trafficking situation, seems like way to many people for a 40' boat, and who would be out that day in gale warning?

RB2828 posted this 14 hours ago

This was a Santa Cruz '50 (50 foot boat, not 40 ft boat).  The boat was participating in a sailboat race and the race course ran along the outside of the rock wall and then back inside the harbor (which explains why it was so close to the wall in the first place).

From what I understand, the boat was dis-masted and ended up on the rocks within a very short amount of time.  Thankfully, nobody was injured.  The number of people onboard seems high but it was a large boat.  Boats that size often have 10-12 crew when racing.  Also, while the wind was quite strong that day, this boat had previously participated in multiple Transpac races (Long Beach to Hawaii) so it should have been able to handle the weather.