Looking for couples/people to sail with

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MR7730 posted this 20 May 2022


We're a young couple (guy early 30s, girl late 20s), looking to meet cool people to sail with on a weekend trip this summer. We're intermediate sailors and have done ~10 trips together just the two of us or with friends/family. We're fun and adventurous, but also looking for the safety that would come with sailing with some likeminded people as we explore new anchorages of the Channel Islands. Let me know if you're interested.


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Tim S MR8028 posted this 5 days ago

Hi John, If you want to go for a day sail, let me know,  


Tim S MR8028 posted this 5 days ago

Hi Rodric, If you want to take the kids along and need someone to sail with, I would be open to helping out!

MR6291 posted this 10 August 2022

Hey John:

I'm going out tomorrow Thursday  on one of the 22 footers and need a crew person... my friend bailed. Probably start 

around 3pm be back around 7... flexible, lots of practice...sorry for short notice but let me know if you're interested.

Guy P  gbprevost@cs.com

John Austin Helm posted this 06 August 2022


I'm mid-30s.

Just finished up my classes a month or two ago.

Trying to get some reps/hours under my belt.

Would be interested in getting out there.

I'm even down to just sail around/cruise around the harbor for practice/fun.

Email: helm.austin@gmail.com

Talk soon!

mr1920 posted this 04 July 2022

Looking for an experienced sailor to join us to sail from Long Beach or MDR to Santa Barbara Island.

The trip would have to be at least one night because of the distance from port to the island.

I have never sailed there but it looks interesting.  You can check out sailboat trip there for an idea of what it would be like on Utube.

Email: Danielcap992@gmail.com

Roderic posted this 28 May 2022

I’m interested. I live down in Irvine now and I’m looking to sail as much as possible. If you’re open to it we have an 8 and a 5 year old that I would like to bring but if not it’s be just me.

Please reach out! Roderic@gmail.com

Tim S MR8028 posted this 21 May 2022

I would be interested in joining you, My email is ntuidme@yahoo.com