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Rick Jones - CI2322 posted this 06 March 2018


Has anyone out there put together, or know a good resource for putting together, a portable navigation package that includes AIS? 

I'm windows (or android) based and would like to put together a portable nav package to take on my sailing adventures.  Over and above the possible Navionics running on an Android Tablet, I would like to add AIS.


Thank you,

Rick Jones

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Tim S MR8028 posted this 17 August 2021

I would be interested in this idea myself!


MR8001 posted this 17 October 2021

I am kind of fond of Navionics software from Garmin. It works web based (so you can use any OS) as well as iOS and Android devices. 

I don't think they have a 'desktop' app but you can use web based interface. Web based service is nice because you don't have to download any maps to your local device. Mobile devices with GPS are best because you can track your location on the map live. You can also plan routes offline and it will do auto routing for you. For full US maps, it's only $15/year.

The s/w can be paired to many different AIS devices. I haven't tried one myself but here is the link for the compatible devices they support: