Would you charter a Duffy in MDR

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MR2269 posted this 22 January 2023

Hi,  I’m considering buying a 19’ Duffy and putting in the MDR fleet (if they will take it).

I see people in Duffys around The Marina and I’m wondering if people would rent it if I put it in the fleet?

Also, can anyone recommend a good mechanic to look it over?  They would have to know electric motors.



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Tim S MR8028 posted this 22 January 2023

MDR had a Duffy for a while a few years ago, I did not see it used much, though I never saw it moved from its spot, so I wonder if it was eventually moved to a different harbor.  

I would think something like that would be more appropriate in Newport harbor.  

Tim S MR8028 posted this 22 January 2023

As far as the electric motor, I can look at it, but all you would need to know is if the motor will go forward and back wards, and if the shaft would turn and the lights work.  I could bring a meter down, with a few tools to see if The batteries are in good shape.   
Is it on a solar panel or dock charger? 
Outside of the propulsion, is the paint in good shape, does it leak? 

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MR2269 posted this 24 January 2023

Thanks Tim,

I would have thought they would be more popular.  I've been trying to figure out how to charter it myself, but it looks like there is a backlog for getting the appropriate business license.

The motor seems to work fine, I've been on the boat several times.  I'm just trying to be cautious before purchasing it.  I'm guessing batteries are easy to check and/or replace once I find them.

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